Hypnosis in Chicago for Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Sleep & Personal Growth

Whether you want professional “hypnosis” in Chicago for anxiety, weight loss, depression, fears, sleep, pain, worries, the information on this website can be used to help you see that hypnotism can be a safe and effective tool as an adjunct to therapy. This means helping you to create motivation for change so that greater life happiness is possible.

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Trying To Find a Chicago Area Hypnotherapist?

Struggling with Anxiety, Sadness, Sleep or Concentration Problems?

Chicago Hypnosis Associates provides hypnotherapy info to Lakeview, Goldcoast, Uptown, Wicker Park, Cook County and DuPage County. Dekalb and Grundy Counties too! Here, you will find information to help you make informed decisions about working with a hypnotherapist in Chicago or the state of Illinois. 

By empowering you to enter into a highly focused, relaxed state of mind, the process of hypnosis may help you to better manage your life challenges in a meaningful way.

If you can identify with any of the following, hypnotherapy may be a tool that can be used for change. Do any of these areas seem familiar?

  • Feeling Stuck: It feels like you aren’t making any movement towards important life goals.
  • Anxiety: The stress in your life is making things unmanageable. You struggle with with staying calm.
  • Greater Confidence: The belief in yourself to accomplish deeply held goals seems elusive
  • Fears: You want to make changes in your life but are afraid to take action
  • Physical Pain: Your body experiences pain and want something natural to help feel better
  • Weight and Weight Loss: You’ve tried to lose weight but the pounds never seem to come off
  • Trying to Stop Smoking: You have wanted to quit smoking for years but you can’t seem to make it happen
  • Fear of Flying: You can’t board a flight at O’Hare or Midway because of flying fears.
  • Emotional Loss: You have been trying to work through a recent loss and it just doesn’t seem to be getting better
  • Sleep Problems & Insomnia: You feel really tired at and want to sleep– but find sleep elusive

Hypnosis should be thought of as more than just a way to work through problems. Hypnotherapy, when offered by a licensed, qualified mental health therapist may be able to help you to achieve better mental concentration and focus your mind on goals in a way you may have never imagined.

Our Chicago hypnosis Associates information available from highly trusted public websites, including online journals and hypnosis related websites to help people like you and from all walks of life. This includes material for athletes and sports players to increase and maintain the necessary mental awareness and to work through roadblocks during competition. You can even learn here how hypnosis is used by some people as part of counseling to stop drinking.

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Get Professional Hypnosis Chicago

Regardless of your unique situation, there are licensed therapists that take care to make sure the Chicago Hypnosis services being offered works in the best possible way for you. After visiting this site, we hope you are better informed about making healthy choices. 

There are licensed therapists that are Board Certified through organizations like National Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy and other qualifying hypnotherapy certification organizations that are dedicated to providing meaningful, results oriented, compassionate care through proven hypnosis techniques as part of the therapy process. 

And so whatever life challenges you are working through, partaking in hypnotherapy as an adjunct to counseling may be a helpful tool for assisting you with reaching important life goals.

Chances are you are looking for Chicago hypnosis or hypnotherapists in the Chicago area, you want to find someone to to provide effective, safe and meaningful hypnosis.hypnosis in chicagoHypnosis & Hypnotherapy in Chicago with Compassion

Our goal is to help you learn about hypnosis and hypnotherapy in a safe, friendly and easy to understand way. The information on this site has been offered for your awareness to help make sure the Chicago hypnosis information you read about is accurate. We are not a direct provider of services. Instead, we are an educational and information website dedicated to expanding knowledge. 

Our goal is to help inform you about caring, compassionate and safe hypnotherapy in Chicago, Evanston, Cook County and the surrounding areas of Illinois. You will get the facts about what hypnosis is and more important – what hypnosis is not. We hope we are your “goto” source whenever you need to find out about Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis in Chicago and the Land of Lincoln.

We in invite all people of Illinois to learn about safe, effective hypnosis and hypnotherapy offered through licensed therapists that are fully trained and credentialed in the sacred art of hypnosis. If you are in Bollingbrook, Naperville or Aurora or really anywhere in the state – it is important that you know hypnosis and hypnotherapy may be a very real option for help, when offered in a safe, affirming environment by a licensed psychotherapist. 

Sadly, there is exists so much misinformation in the state of Illinois about hypnosis that we thought it was important to create an educational and information website to designed to educate, inform and empower.

hypnosis chicago, ilWhat is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis can be described is an altered state of consciousness that allows a person to enter into a relaxed state, which empowers a more focused imagination and heightened receptivity to suggestion. In this way, it is really a form of guided imagery – something that has been used for thousands of years dating back to the ancients. 

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the process of creating a mindful, focused state of mind. The licensed professional facilitating hypnosis is simply a conduit who is acting as helper to assist the individual experience a natural, heightened sense of awareness. Contrary to what you may hear elsewhere, it is important to state here that hypnotherapy is not “therapy” itself but instead, a tool used to facilitate therapy. In this way, hypnotherapy is similar to yoga or mindful meditation. 

What are Some Therapeutic Uses of Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy, has been used as an approach to wellness for thousands of years. In the clinical, therapeutic sense, empirical evidence has shown that hypnotherapy may help with:

Why Does Hypnosis Through Hypnotherapy Work?

For reasons we do not fully understand, hypnosis seems to hold therapeutic value for some people when used to help facilitate counseling and psychotherapy. With each new day. more and more research is being published that offers unique insight into a tool for helping that remains mysterious to many. Read our “What is hypnosis page” to learn more. Be sure to check out common Chicago hypnosis myths.

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